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True Rider's Values

Our brand represents specific values which build fundaments of our company, and which define people choosing our clothing.

Responsibility: We take responsibility for all we create, starting with taking care of the natural environment, and finishing with great care about the future of humanity. It also considers the consequences of the decisions we make and above all - keeping promises.

Excellence: Precision and quality is crucial in every stage of our work.

Sense of Purpose: We are certain that without knowing who we are and where we are going, we are not able to achieve success.

Perseverance in achieving goals: We are ambitious and not afraid of setting new goals, which we strive for persistently and courageously, but humbly.

Ethical: In every field of our work we act consistently with our internal and common ethics..

Cooperation: Only thanks to mutual cooperation we are able to reach our goals, like True Riders reach their successes only thanks to mutual understanding and partnership with horses.

Trust:  Trust won thanks to undertaking right decisions, despite the difficulties. Trust to what we are doing and to what we believe in. We trust our business partners and rely on them, like the True Rider trusts their most important partner - the horse.

And the most important eighth value which is the basis for the previous ones – RESPECT – great respect towards people, horses and rivals.

The horseman who treats his horse like a machine subjected only to the spur of the moment, without memory, without conception, will never be a good rider."

Francois Baucher

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